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What We Do

Mission Statement

IM000269.JPGThe mission of Second Chance Outreach is to improve the community by providing ex-offenders with the programs, training, and the services necessary for successful re-entry back into society, using proven Biblical principles.  In addition, we offer assistance as well as temporary food and shelter to those designated as homeless.







IM000240.JPGSecond Chance Outreach is the ministry of Helping Hand Mission, reaching out to those in need. Second Chance provides shelter, food, training, and teaching from the word of God. Second Chance the Rescue Mission serving Santa Rosa County. We believe that the Second Chance Outreach is neither a name nor a cliché, but a promise.  Any man who truly has a desire to change will be given a home and discover a Second Chance.


Download City of Refuge Application here: COR Application

WTGF 90.5 Radio


Proclamation of the Gospel at the heart of all we do. Helping Hands Missions Thrift Stores pleased to support TRUTH RADIO and its great Gospel programming.  Helping Hands is proud to support Christian Radio that Preaches and promotes the truth of the gospel. Helping Hands supports the operation of WTGF 90.5 Christian radio.

Tune in on Wednesdays at 12:00 in the afternoon for our Issues of Life program. They discuss the controversial  issues today giving insight from the Bible.


Community Assistance

 HHM_LogoCommunity Assistance

Helping Hands is proud to serve people in need within our community. Helping Hands provides people with clothes, furniture, beds, food and other essential items. Some people have lost their homes due to fire or floods, and Helping Hands provides the items they need to get back on their feet.


Last year Helping Hands helped over 1,700 people in need. (This does not include the food we give away on a regular basis)


If you or someone you know is in need of clothes, furniture, beds, or other essential items, please come by or have them come by any one of our stores to receive assistance. We’ll be glad to help.


 Please call 850-981-0933 if you have any questions and to see if you qualify for assistance.


Ministry Support

Helping Hands also gives over $140,000 a year to support Ministries that do great work and service in our community and communities around the world. From the homeless, to children, to missionaries and you; Helping Hands supports these great causes that serve our community and further the cause of Christ.


Job Creation/Training

Every Year Helping Hands spends over $440,000 to support local jobs in our community. Helping hands is proud to provide training and jobs in our local community.




Helping Hand Missions wants to help to keep our community and the world clean.  Helping Hands is proud to serve the community by keeping tons of recyclables out of landfills.  Please help us by bringing your recyclables to us so that we can keep them out of our landfills. Currently we recycle things like paper, books, corrugated boxes, plastics, textiles, metal, plastic, etc. We also recycle old cell phones and electronics. Help us make our community cleaner.